About Me:

Pinch me, I'm dreaming.

Born in Queens, I live in Harlem with my wife/creative partner Emily Fury Daly.

We just realeased the pilot episode of The Emily Spinach Show, a children's TV show that teaches empathy & vulnerability.

By day, I freelance as a multimedia producer - photo, video, and motion graphic design.

I was raised to love the outdoors, and try to escape to the woods as often as I can.

I'm fascinated by the scale of the universe and am so excited to see what the James Webb Space Telescope has to teach us about the nature of our existence!

I have a lifelong love of video games - particularly games focused on story & immersion.

I love my son cat Hippo very, very much.

I'm incredibly grateful to be able to spend my time doing what I love, surrounded by people that I love.