If I Were an Emotion, I Would Be the Ocean

A narrative animation in which author AJ Clauss explores what it feels like to be overwhelmed with emotion before even getting out of bed. Visuals are inspired by Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes.

To pull this off, I collaborated with author AJ Clauss, illustrator Hannah Haverkamp, and animator Sam Checo, while I handled conceptualization, storyboarding, and sound design.

How to draw Alice the Snake

A sample from The Emily Spinach Show. Using After Effects and Illustrator, I bring a child's drawing of a TV show character to life!

How to draw Carmichael

Another sample from The Emily Spinach Show. I recorded, mixed, storyboarded, and edited these projects from start to finish.

Imani Williams - Emily Spinach

A preview of The Emily Spinach Show, in which our host Emily Spinach asks her friends - "what do you do with all of your feelings?" Actor Imani Pearl Williams has some thoughts.

Social Media Ads

A Facebook Ad for a live production of Henry IV, Part 1.

Logo Animation

Logo animation for YouTube channels and small businesses. I'll bring existing assets to life, or design from scratch using the Adobe Creative Suite.

1970s Romeo & Juliet Found Photos

Documentation for found images of a 1970s production of Romeo and Juliet, made to honor Tim Ellis (as Tybalt), Chief Marketing Officer for the NFL.

Informative Promo

A collaboration with the brilliant Sam Checo of The Invisible History series. We took relatively boring info and presented it in a way that is easy to digest and share. Sam did principle animation, while I handled the storyboard and voiceover.