I'm a motion designer, animator, editor and director.

I find that technology is most exciting when it helps us tell stories. We can take something from our imaginations - an idea - and actually show people. We can create complex graphics that convey simple ideas. We can inspire new generations of thinkers and doers by telling incredible visual stories that connect us to our inner humanity.

With experience in After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Avid, and lots more, let's get connected and talk about how to bring your vision to life.

2022 Motion Design Showreel: Robert.

Everything you see is designed by me, except where stated otherwise.

If I Were an Emotion, I Would Be the Ocean

An animated children's book in which author AJ Clauss explores what it feels like to be overwhelmed with emotion before even getting out of bed. Visuals are inspired by Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes.

To pull this off, I gathered an all-star team: author AJ Clauss, illustrator Hannah Haverkamp, and fellow motion designer Sam Checo.

The Emily Spinach Show - Pilot Episode

A children's show about empathy, feelings, and joy! Inspired by Mr. Rogers, Lamb Chop, Reading Rainbow, The Muppets, and other shows for us "sensitive kids."

Learn more about how we made this dream a reality at EmilySpinachShow.com.

Social Media Videos

Trust someone who has expertise across all popular social media platforms - allow me to shoot, edit, or re-cut existing footage into bite-sized, heartfelt works of art, perfect for a small device.

How to draw Alice the Snake

A sample from The Emily Spinach Show. Valentina (age 7) teaches us how to draw her favorite character - while I takeĀ  her real drawing and bring it to life using the Adobe Creative Suite.